The coaches at Gold Medal Gymnastics understand the Gold Medal mindset.

They know what it takes to be focused and dedicated to achieve their goals.

And they love to inspire the next generation of athletes and are warm and encouraging.



Bughy (Bogdan Uruci), is a former Romanian gymnast with 16 years competitive experience and 18 years coaching experience.

He has represented Romania on the world stage and coached MAG and WAG athletes to national and international results. Including having gymnasts in the Australian National Team and coached American college athletes and national representatives for their respective countries.

To say gymnastics is his passion is an understatement. Nominated for UAE's coach of the year at the inaugural Fit Awards in 2014 and has coached hundreds of athletes from recreational, competitive, international level.

Bughy's passion is gymnastics.  He eats, sleeps and breathes gymnastics and if you're after a coach who genuinely cares, this is the one.


Elite level Acrobatic Gymnast, Jenna Irish was selected for the Australian Acrobatics squad in 2016 and 2018.

Jenna first trained and competed in Artistic Gymnastics then moved to Acrobatic Gymnastics at 10 years old.

Jenna is familiar with the dedication required of a gymnast and is looking forward to sharing her passion with our young athletes that she coaches while helping them to develop their gymnastics skills.

Gymnastics has been a part of her life for a very long time and it's a sport that she truly loves, this passion is what makes her such a great fit for the Gold Medal Gymnastics family and our vision and values.


Sarah is no stranger to elite competition and is currently the 2022/23 Elite Women’s National Champion and 2022/23 Elite Women’s Oceania Champion in BMX Freestyle and taking over the world of BMX.

With a background in cheerleading, we LOVE her drive, determination and gold medal mindset.

Keep an eye on Sarah, she is going to go places and we love her enthusiasm for coaching and her passion for an active lifestyle.