Gold Medal Gymnastics is more than just a club — it's a family-oriented not-for-profit organisation driven by altruism and a shared vision for nurturing young dreams.

Like children embarking on their journey of growth and aspiration, we too have our own visions and goals.

Our aspiration is clear: to become the premier gymnastics club on the Gold Coast, offering unparalleled experiences in both recreational and competitive gymnastics.

What sets us apart? Exceptional coaching coupled with a warm and supportive environment.

With over two decades of coaching and sports management expertise, our team is dedicated to fostering an inclusive and empowering atmosphere where children can thrive and flourish.

At Gold Medal Gymnastics, our mission is simple yet profound: to ensure that every child learns fundamental skills thoroughly and safely. We believe in laying a strong foundation for their gymnastics journey while nurturing their holistic development as individuals.



Bughy (Bogdan Uruci), is a former Romanian gymnast with 16 years competitive experience and 18 years coaching experience. He has represented Romania on the world stage. He has coached MAG and WAG athletes to national and international results. Including having gymnasts in the Australian National Team and coached American college athletes and national representatives for their respective countries.

To say gymnastics is his passion is an understatement. Nominated for UAE's coach of the year at the inaugural Fit Awards in 2014 and has coached hundreds of athletes from recreational, competitive, international level.

In essence, Bughy epitomises the quintessential coach—an embodiment of passion, expertise, and unwavering commitment to nurturing the next generation of gymnastic talents. Whether on the mats or behind the scenes, his leadership and dedication serve as an enduring inspiration to all who aspire to reach greater heights in the realm of gymnastics.


Liz Uruci brings a wealth of expertise stemming from a dynamic career spanning various sectors, prominently in marketing and the meticulous orchestration of major sports events. Her journey through renowned organisations such as The Australian Institute of Management, Ski Dubai, Sydney FC, and the NSW Waratahs underscores her adeptness in strategic management and leadership.

With a focus on management and strategy, Liz has honed her skills in overseeing multifaceted operations, ensuring seamless execution, and driving strategic initiatives to enhance organisational objectives. Her role in event management has endowed her with a deep understanding of orchestrating large-scale endeavours, where meticulous planning, effective communication, and strategic foresight are paramount.

In essence, Liz Uruci's expertise encompasses a strategic acumen that is instrumental in navigating the intricacies of management and driving organisational success. Her holistic approach to leadership, coupled with her unwavering dedication to excellence, positions her as key stakeholder in driving Gold Medal Gymnastics forward.


Brett Denholm

Brett is a seasoned professional specialising in Accounting, HR & Administration, with extensive expertise and qualifications in business, finance and HR leadership. With a background encompassing managing director roles in merchant banking, law, and real estate, Brett offers invaluable strategic insights to the club.

His previous experiences include holding presidential positions in other not-for-profit sporting organisations, further underlining his commitment to community engagement and leadership within the sports sector. Brett's multifaceted skill set and wealth of experience make him a valuable asset, poised to provide valuable guidance and support to the club's endeavours.

Katie Turner

Katie is a versatile professional with a diverse background spanning economics, education, and fitness training. Armed with a degree in Economics, Katie brings analytical skills and business acumen to her various roles. Katie's commitment to the sports industry is evident having worked with FIAFitnation the Penrith Panthers and Manly Warringah Sea Eagles.

And her contribution to athlete development underscores her understanding of the intersection between sports performance and fitness training. Beyond her roles in education and training, Katie is a serial entrepreneur driven by her passion for the sports and leisure business. Her multifaceted background, coupled with her entrepreneurial spirit, positions her as a dynamic leader capable of navigating the complexities of the sports industry with creativity and innovation.


To offer the best gymnastics program, for all levels and abilities on The Gold Coast.


To offer gymnastics classes to all, in a safe, caring and professional environment.


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Obsession with value, details and consistency

For us it is not enough to simply show up and offer service. We are obsessed with making sure that we offer our members exceptional quality coaching and customer service, that the small details are thought of and that we are consistent in everything we do with everyone we reach.

Encouraging individual achievement and ability.

We are not the club that solely focusses on our competitive athletes. We believe that every member from babies to adults and competitive teams, all form part of our culture. That's why we believe everyone's achievements are worthy of praise whether it be a national accolade or a very first sausage roll down a wedge. Everything is worth celebrating.

Nurturing self confidence

It is important to us that all our members feel that their participation helps them in the development of their self confidence. Which is crucial as it empowers them to embrace challenges, persevere, and believe in their own abilities. It lays a strong foundation for their personal growth, resilience, and the pursuit of their dreams.

Hard work and continuous self improvement

We respect hard work and continuous self improvement not only in the kids we coach but in ourselves and our knowledge, systems and philosophies. We will reach for the stars and aim to always better our best, and we encourage the same in all our members.

Teamwork to achieve dreams and goals

We value the culture and ethic of a supportive family and teamwork. As a small family led club we live by the words "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together" and we believe this is applicable to our students, ourselves, our team and our network of providers and support partners.

Solidarity within community

At Gold Medal Gymnastics, we value solidarity within our community. We understand the strength that comes from standing united, supporting one another through shared experiences, challenges, and successes. By fostering a culture of solidarity, we create a tight-knit community where every member feels valued, supported, and part of something greater than themselves. Together, we achieve more and build lasting connections that enrich our journey in gymnastics and beyond.