This policy has been provided by Play By The Rules, a unique collaboration between Sport Integrity Australia, Sport Australia, the Australian Human Rights Commission, all state and territory departments of

sport and recreation, all state and territory anti-discrimination and human rights agencies, the Office of the Children's Guardian (NSW) and the Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW. These partners promote Play by the Rules through their networks, along with their own child safety, anti-discrimination and inclusion programs and can be found at https://www.playbytherules.net.au


1. Gold Medal Gymnastics Gold Coast Inc, located in Molendinar will be a drop off and pick up facility for all classes above Baby Gym & Mini Gym (parent assisted classes).


2. This venue is a drop off / pick up facility.


3. We are a Drop off & pick facility – our priority is safety for all concerned.


4. Carpark safety. Parents must escort children into the gymnasium at all times and not drop off at the

door. Also please do not wait outside the gym doors as this is a functioning driveway.


5. Gold Medal Gymnastics Gold Coast Inc. will only accept a duty of care inside the gym. Parents are responsible for their children in the waiting area & outside the building which includes the car park & driveways. For safety reasons, children are not to exit the premises after a class unless with an adult.


6. Children are not to meet parents in the car park but must be collected from the premises and must hold parent’s hands when walking to and from the centre.


7. Children are not permitted to run or play in the car park/driveway and must go to the car immediately.


8. We ask that parents do not stand and talk in the car park as we require a prompt turn around of parking spaces between classes.


Pick up

Please assist us to ensure a smooth flow for gymnasts entering & leaving the training area by waiting inside the centre reception area. Students will collect their belongings and make their way to you.



Please do not wait in the carpark for your child to come to you. You need to come into the centre to collect your child. Children are not to exit the premises after a class unless with a Parent/Carer.


Please enforce this with your child as they are not allowed to leave the child zone if they do not see you (Parent/Carer).


All children that are not picked up on time are required to wait in the office or gymnasium until you pick them up.


Late pickups: Charges will be incurred for late pick up more than 15 minutes at $15 for every 15 minutes.


Our commitment

Our club is committed to providing a safe environment for the participation of children and young people.

Part of this is ensuring that children and young people are not left alone after training.

What we will do

● Make sure parents/guardians and children know the time and location of training and when they can expect to collect their children.

● Request coaches and other sporting personnel to arrive before scheduled training times.

● Give coaches a register of parent/guardian emergency contact numbers and make sure they have access to a phone.

● Ensure that if parents/guardians are late, coaches will try to make contact with them and:

● ask the second to last child and their parent/ guardian to wait with the coach/official and the child

● get parents/guardians to collect their children from the venue (e.g. if there is a club room where other people will be).

● avoid transporting children to their homes unless permission has been given by parents/guardians.


What we ask you to do

● Pick your children up on time or make other arrangements.

● Inform the coach about any changes in arrangements for picking up your child.